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Ideally a vector file, e.g. PDF, AI or EPS, but you can also send us a photo. If it's only meant as an example picture, just mention it in the comments at the end.
What should your sign say? *

You can write a word, a sentence or words one below the other.
What font would you like to use? *

In case you don't know, you could tell us if you prefer cursive handwritten, sans serif or serif fonts.
Single line or outline letters?

Opting for single line, the letters will be formed by one tube following the midline of the font. Outline letters are formed by tubes that follow the outer shape of the font, which allows a look that is closer to the original font. Minimum size for outline letters is 14cm (5,5"). For more delicate typos we recommend single line.

Choose the color of the high voltage cable between your neon and the convertor. *

Is the installation planned for outdoors?

Should the neon come pre-mounted? *

A background is a good choice if you plan to take it to events or for an easy hanging from the ceiling. Without a background, the neon will be delivered with all the equipment needed for a direct installation on the wall.

What color should be the aluminium in? *

What color should the acrylic be in? *

What should the shape of the background look like?

Should the light box be two-sided?

Do you need help with finding an electrician for the installation?

Can you provide a picture of the place where it should be installed?

Shipping & Deadline

Should we build a wooden box that can be used for further transportations?

Do you need the neon on a certain day?

We need about 3 weeks for the production. In case you need it earlier or on a certain day please tell us your deadline.
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